Benefits Of Qurbani Part-2   
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It is compulsory to perform Qurbani within its fixed days and time. Anything else cannot be an alternative to it, e.g. Instead of performing Qurbani, to give the value of a goat in the form of money is insufficient. {Fatawa Alamgiri, Volume 5, Page 293} The time of Qurbani is from the Subh-o-Saadiq (dawn) of the 10th Dhil-Hajj until the Sunset of the 12th Dhil-Hajj - totalling 2 days and 3 nights. However it is Makrooh to perform Qurbani at night. Just as it is Sunnah to slaughter the animal of Qurbani with your own hand, it is also Sunnah to remain present at the time of slaughter with the intention of gaining benefit & virtues for the Hereafter. But to surround the Qurbani animal for mocking and to enjoy the moments of sacrifice and the vigorous movements of the animal, then to laugh over it or to make a big scene of it, is a sign of negligence. When slaughtering or authorizing someone to slaughter for you in your presence, it is important that you remain present with the intention of acting on a Sunnah and also make other good intentions as well. For example, 'I am sacrificing an animal for the pleasure of Allah Azzawajal, as and when required, I will even sacrifice my life for the pleasure of Allah Azzawajal', also intend, 'upon slaughtering the animal, I am also slaughtering my evil desires and from now on I will refrain from sins and transgressions. ' A person should show mercy and affection for the sacrificial animal and should carefully think to himself that 'what if I was sacrificed at this very place, what will be my state?' Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said to his beloved daughter Hadrat Bibi Fatima Zahra RadiAllahu anha to be present at her Qurbani, as at the time of spillage of the first drop of blood of the Qurbani, all your sins are forgiven. Harrah Abu Saeed Khudri asked: "Ya Rasoolallah Sallalahu alaihi wasallam, is this exclusively for your family?" Our beloved Rasool Sallallahu Sallalahu alaihi wasallam replied "it is for my family and for all the Muslims." At the time of slaughter, it is a virtuous deed to show mercy and affection for the sacrificial animal. Once, a blessed companion RadiAllahu anh politely asked, "oh Messenger of Allah Azzawajal wa Sallalahu alaihi wasallam! I feel mercy and affection upon slaughtering a goat." The Beloved Nabi Sallalahu alaihi wasallam replied, "if you will show mercy for it, Allah Azzawajal will show mercy to you." {Musnad Imaam Ahmad, Volume 5, Page 304, Hadith 15592, Dar-ul-Fikr Beirut} Just look at the thoughfulness of our Beloved Master and King, the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha Sallallaho Alaihi Wasallam and his concern for us, that he made a Qurbani on behalf of his Ummat and thought of us, therefore, if a Muslim can - then they should perform an additional Qurbani on behalf of the Holy Prophet then it would be a very good and fortunate act [Bahaar-e-Shariat] . May Allah Azzawajal grant us the wealth, ability and desire to regularly partake in this great Sunnah. Ameen.