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I am really delighted to visit this website in a good mode. Network have worked really hard,First of all i like to congratulate you all on this step of site.Its is really Help full to all the Muslim hood.specially Madni Channel's videos. actually it's all i can say is Faizan of Syedi Alahazrat Imam e Ahlesunnat Hazrat e Allama Moulana Shah Ahmed Raza Khan (Rhematullah alahy) and Syedi wa Murshidi AmereAhlesunnat Hazrat Allama Moulana Abubilal Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri (damat e barkathumul a'alya). May Allah Azzawajal Bless u all. wa'asallam ma'alikram
  Muhammad Farooq Attari from Bradford , UK

Aap ko ALLAH karwat karwat sukhi rakhay jaza de.... MA sha ALLAH you have done extra ordinary great work.......... Specially you have everything regarding Madani Channel........ JAzak ALLAH
  Muhammad Danial makhdoom Attari from Muzaffargarh , Pakistan

Subhanallah , very good site brother. May Allah subhanahuwa taala reward u for all your great efforts. Aameen. It will be of much help if you can post bayyanat on Muharram, karbala ka maidaan. Jazakhallah khayr .
  Asfiya from ,

Subhan Allah Allah Ka Lakh Lakh Sukra hai. Eisi Site Bahut hi Kam Hai Jisme Har Tarah Ki Islami Jankari Aik Jagah ho. Aap Hamesh Isi Tarah Jankari Pesh Karte rahe Isi Dua ke Sath.
  Fakeer Mohammad Ghosee from FALNA (PALI), India

Jazak Allaho Khair for adding "Qoum e Jinnat" program and "Q&a with Mufti Saeed Asad Sahab". Masha Allah, Allah Paak Aap ko Aur taraqee aata farma-aye, Pyare Habeeb (sallallahu alaihi wa sallum) ki wasila e paak say...ameena Ya Rab-al Alameen. bohat achi website hain Hazrat, dua ki durkhaust hai...Allah Paak, humaray emaan ki Hifazat Farmahae...ameen
  Syed Ali from chicago, u.s.a.

Apprichiating team of faizaneraza Madina i like this website collection very much because,it has excellent collection of madani channel, i use to advise my college(engineering)students,as well as my islami brothers to visit this website. jazakallahu kahair
  Muhammed younus attari from hyderabad , INDIA

MashaAllah azzawajal very very g8 work of videos may Allah azzzawajal reward u ameen sum ameen
  Ahmed from Karachi, pakistan

Assalam-o-Alaikum, Subhan ALLAH Rehan bhai kya shandar website banayi hia, ALLAH azzawajal ap ko or kamyabi de or ap ka her maqsad pura kare Ameen Sum Ameen.
  Rabia from Karachi, Pakistan

Assalamu alaikum, MasahAllah this is one of the great web sites. Bayanat's of Ameer-e-AhleSunnat and other Ulma-e-AhleSunnat,Madani Channel are great services.
  Abdul from Sacramento, USA

MasahAllah very nice site and Madani Channel Programs ka section tu buhat ala hai.
  Shamsher-e-Raza from LHR, Pakistan

Assalamu alaikum wa'rahamatullahi wa'barkatuhu! I am really very happy to see such great website of Sunni's, this is very useful for all Muslims to get true knowledge of Islam. I pray with Allaahu ta'aalaa to give success in both life to the member of this community and mercy on all Muslims.
  Syed Quddusi Shah Aamiri from Chennai, India

Assalam o alaykum I am very happy that you are now doing your dawah using technological means. Did you know Hazrat Shaykh ul Islam Allama Sayyid Madani Mia Ashrafi Gilani s/o Huzur Muhaddis e Azam Kichchowchawi reh. said in the mid-eighties that propagating deen through this way is 'ja'iz' Alhamdulillah this is his great vision which Hazrat Ghazali e Zaman understood at the time. I ASK YOU TO PLEASE GIVE SOME SPEECHES OF THESE GREAT SCHOLARS OF THE AHL AS SUNNAH. we can all learn our du'as and sunnahs but to listen to the words and see the face of a wali is something else. May Allah give you all even more success
  Abu Arif Ahsan from london, United Kingdom

assalam o alaikum, islami web site banane per bohat mubark aor allah pak say dua hai kay aap ko aor bohat tarqui aor kamyabi ata farmae. \"Aameen sum aameen\".
  Muhammad tanveer tahir naqsh bandi from Karachi, Pakistan

Assalamu alaikum,madina i like fiazaneraza org service because of,very fast updation
  Muhammed younus attari from Hyderabad, India

Its a good, and indeed very good effort, any Muslim can go for.. I would really want to congrats the whole team of this site, for getting the virtue of spreading true essence of Islam.. Except of the Videos section, I liked the site very much....But I'd suggest you to contact with any renowned Aalim for the issues of Videos and all.. And if you can add some articles about photography issues according to Islam, it will be really beneficial to many pplz.. well A really Constructive, Informative and virtuous approach and effort.. Keep it up!! JazakAllah..!!
  Sheikh Mehwish from Hyderabad, Pakistan

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