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Islamic Photo Gallery - Most viewed

 Islamic Photo Gallery
Most viewed
Ashab-E-Kahf14132 views
Shirt of Hazrat Hussain Radhi Allahu Anhu13031 views
Hand Print Of Hazrat Jibrail12789 views
Sayyidna Abu Ayyub Ansari 12263 viewsThe house of Sayyidna Abu Ayyub Ansari (May Allah be pleased with him) where Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) stayed when he migrated to Madinah. Unfortunately, this house does not exist anymore.
Hazrat Haleemah Sa'diyah 12024 viewsThe house of Hazrat Haleemah Sa'diyah (May Allah be pleased with her) where Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) spent his 6 years of childhood. Throughout 13 centuries this house was saved by Muslim rulers but unfortunately, Saudi's have destroyed the Islamic Heritage in the name of Towheed. The civilized nations save their heritage but Saudi's have intentionally destroyed every possible Islamic Heritage that they could.
Mazar Mubarak Moazzin-e-Rasool, Hazrat Bilal Al Habashy11787 viewsMazar Mubarak Moazzin-e-Rasool, Hazrat Bilal Al Habashy (May Allah be pleased with him) in the Bab al-Saghir Cemetery to the south of the old city in Damascus , Syria .
Mazarat of brothers of Hazrat Yousuf (Joseph) 11508 viewsAccording to some traditions, these are the Mazarat of brothers of Hazrat Yousuf (Joseph) (Peace be upon him). Only the main dome is now intact. Beneath it is a triple mihrab surrounded with Fatimid-style calligraphy and decoration. Some evidence of a burial site is extant just to the west of the dome. The site is located in the Southern Cemetery in Cairo just north of the Lu'lu' Mosque.
Hazrat Loot 11440 viewsThe The cave of Hazrat Loot (Lot) (Peace be upon him) is located just above the eastern edge of the Dead Sea . Some traditions refer to this cave as the burial place of Hazrat Loot ( Lot ).
The prophet Lot (Lut) is mentioned by name 27 times in the Quran in several long passages that relate how he was sent to the people of Sodom . The cities destroyed by God include Sodom , Zeboiyim [Sab'ah], Zoar [Sa'rah], Gomorrah [Amarah], and Admah [Duma].
Mazar Mubarak Hazrat Ayyub11156 viewsMazar Mubarak Hazrat Ayyub (Job) (Peace be upon him) in Salalah in the Dhofar region of eastern Oman
The story of Hazrat Nooh (Noah)11102 viewsThe story of Hazrat Nooh (Noah) and the flood is found in a number of different passages in the Quran. Muslim scholars say that the Ark came to rest on Mount Judi and that Noah was buried nearby. Some claim that Hazrat Nooh founded a city called al-Thamanin ( i.e. "the Eighty) because there were 80 people on the Ark. Many scholars say that the first city founded by Hazrat Nooh, and where he was buried, was called "Karak."
Jannatul Baqi' (graveyard of Baqi')10975 viewsThe square shape area contains the Mazar of third Caliph of Islam, Ameer ul Mo'mineen Uthman ibn Affaan (May Allah be pleased with him). On the extreme left is the Mazar of Imam Maalik (May Allah be pleased with him)
Leter10924 viewsProphet Muhammad's (Peace be upon him) letter to Musailma bin Kazzab (Topkapy Museum, Turkey)
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